Oklahoma Gin Rules


Oklahoma Gin Rules


Learn the rules of the Oklahoma gin game.


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How popular is rummy compared with other casino games?

Rummy, of which there are a number of variants, such as gin rummy, might not be one of the games that first spring to mind when people are asked to come up with casino games, but it is a popular and long-established game. The basic game of rummy is believed to derive from a Mexican card game called Conquian, and going back even further, to the Chinese games Mahjong and Khanhoo. The fact that it is less well-known amongst the general populace than table games like poker and blackjack, may be due to the fact that it features less in movie and television show depictions of casino gaming – but how popular is it these days amongst casino fans?

Well in fact the different variants of rummy remain extremely popular, and the development of online casino sites is only bringing new fans to the game, as these sites have made casino gaming accessible to a wider audience – and many online casino sites offer rummy games. Furthermore the various versions of the game – for example gin rummy – also appeal to many more experienced card players because the level of skill they require is far greater than that of other card games such as poker and blackjack or not as easy as slots available online at sites like JackpotCity. Therefore these rummy games are perhaps not as popular amongst novice casino gamblers but they are hugely appealing to those who want a more challenging game.

The fact that there are different versions of rummy available also contributes to its popularity, because it gives players the chance to choose the version that suits them best; for example gin rummy is a two player game which was created to provide a quick fire and easier to learn variant. However the different versions of the game are all for two players, and this is another factor which contributes to the popularity of rummy amongst casino gamblers, because less people are required to be able to make up a game –making it easier to organise. Overall rummy remains a very popular game, compared to the likes of poker and blackjack, especially amongst those wanting a real test of skill.